Sunday, March 22, 2009

DNA to D-sign

I have been a firm believer that any Creation is mere reflection of the Creator, whether God, painter, sculptor, poet or an Architect..!

Design as per me is "The Sign" ( D-sign : Signature of the Creator ). Any design in its core details would show that uniqueness of the Creator, whether his thoughts, beliefs or actions..!

I came to this at age of 21 when I had just newly landed into "Design" from "Art" when I wrote an Article on "Architecture and Everything". I tried to compare Architecture with Cooking, Music, and Philosophy..!

My dear friend and architect Nishant said me nice words once as he said "Its very important to be a good human being to become a good Architect"..!

I dodn't know how my DNA is working on this but since the time I have come to know, I have started working on my DNA...!

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